Nov 9, 2011
Peter C Sessler
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1967 Chevrolet Camaro Waikiki Concept

1967 Camaro Waikiki Concept

1967 was a busy year for General Motors. It only took them close to three years to finally come out with a car that was comparable with the Ford Mustang- and they never did build a fastback styled Camaro, did they? Even today, they still haven’t so I guess ”it was not to be.”

But they did come out with the Waikiki Concept. The Waikiki Concept was a lo-buck concept car to show the versatility of the new Camaro- you could go to the beach with it! Alright, alright, the rectangular headlights do add to the car, especially since rectangular light weren’t very popular in the 1960s. And thee are some interesting features to the Camaro.

Besides the rectangular headlights, the car included a different grille, simulated wood trim, and simulated wire wheels. Waikiki identification was used on each front fender. Still, look at the backround- it looks like heavy-duty industrial mid-west. And it could be winter too- those poor girls!

You’ll note the surfboard mount- I say it’s just there for the shot- it doesn’t go anywhere on the car! Oh, we’ll never know.

Still, the Camaro managed to sell 220,906 unites , compared to the 472,121 for Mustang. The hot-shot engine was the 396 c.i big-block and it can be said that it was a better big-block than the Ford 390. And as far as styling goes, the Camaro does show a handsome profile, too. Not bad!

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