Dec 4, 2011
Peter C Sessler
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1967 Shelby Mustang GT500

Two Shelby Mustangs were available in 1967, the GT350 sporting the high performance 289 V8 and the GT500 with its larger 428 V8.

While the 1965-66 bore great resemblance to the production Mustang, the 1967 Shelby was drastically restyled to emphasize the look of performance, as well as delivering performance. A fiberglass nose extension, which exaggerated the production Mustang look, housed a unique grille with two seven inch driving lights. Most 1967 Shelby’s have these lights mounted close to each other in the center of the grille; others have them mounted at each end of the grille opening to comply with certain states lighting laws. As the nose was extended by three inches, a unique fiberglass hood with a functional scoop was used. Additional hood pins were used to secure the hood. Upper and lower scoops were used in the rear; the lower scoops were functional on early cars but nonfunctional on the rest. At the rear, a fiberglass deck lid with a pronounced spoiler was used. Taillights were from the 1967 Cougar but without the chrome trim.

The deluxe Mustang interior in either black or parchment (or white) was dominated by a two point roll bar (some early cars had a four point) which was the anchoring point for a pair of inertia reel harnesses. The fold down seat was a mandatory option, and all cars had a 140 mph speedometer and 8000 rpm tachometer. Additional Stewart Warner gauges, oil pressure and amps, were mounted in a special housing underneath the dash.

All 1967 Shelby Mustangs came with the familiar GT350 or GT500 rocker panel stripes, a front grille emblem, front fender emblems, rear deck emblem and a pop open gas cap that had a Shelby Cobra cover. Some early cars have flat gas caps; most others have curved caps.

The GT500 came with a modified version of Ford’s 428 Police Interceptor V 8. It used a pair of rear mounted 600 cfm Holley carburetors on an aluminum intake manifold. An oval Cobra finned air cleaner matched the Cobra LeMans aluminum finned valve covers. The 428 was rated at 355hp.

Three of the more powerful 427 Medium Riser V8s were installed at the factory.

The standard Shelby wheel was a steel rim with a wheel cover. These are quite rare. More common are the Kelsey Hayes styled steel wheels or the cast aluminum Shelby ten spoke wheels, which measure 15×7 inches.

Some 1967 cars have three inch round tailpipe extensions; others used the quad exhaust extensions from the Mustang GT.

Some Shelby VIN tags were hand lettered; most cars with the outboard headlights also have the letter “Z” preceding the serial number on the VIN plate.

Some of the early cars had functional rear brake scoops; later cars’ scoops were nonfunctional. Early cars, approximately the first 200, had red running lights in the upper scoops; these were deleted on later cars.

All this added up to 2,048 GT500; there were also 1,175 GT350s and one notchback GT500 as well as one convertible GT500.

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