Dec 1, 2011
Peter C Sessler
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1968 Chevrolet Camaro XP-14 Caribe

When the first Camaro’s came out in 1967, there were also several concept Camaros too. These were to give the marque some pizazz. The first of these, the Waikiki, was a bit more popular and it was released in 1967.

Less popular was the second of these: the Camaro Caribe, or the XP-14 as it was known. Based on a 1968 body (note the side marker lights) it was your basic concept car, yet the car does have some interesting features.

The most prominent of these was the back box – resembling a pick-up box. The trunk was replaced with a finished box and so were the rear seats, which were replaced by a targa-type bar.

Probably the most work that had to be done on the concept was the front glass area. Whether it was functional or not is a point of conjecture, as is the rear folding top. Does the car have a folding top? Probably not, but at least it looks good the way that car sits.

Finally, the tires have a prominent dash pattern on them.

Compared to Corvette concept cars, the Camaro really doesn’t have much oomph behind it. It seems as though the engineers didn’t put mush effort behind the car. Was there any product potential there? Not really.

In fact, the “Kammback” concept which was released a few years later, actually had some production potential, (it was a station wagon concept) and the car didn’t have any of the usual concept car gaudy body baubles – it was a just “car.”

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