Nov 14, 2011
Peter C Sessler
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1973 Lincoln Mark IV

It’s hard to forget the 1973 Lincoln Mark IV. It was the “hot” car of the year. I remember my Dad really wanted one and the only place he could get it was from a dealer in Maryland (he lived in New York). The car listed for $8,984 in 1973 but the dealer in Maryland let it go for $10,000.00 – you know, added profit. And why not, people had to wait to get one.

When it finally came, it was equipped with all the options. In fact, it didn’t really have any options – all Lincolns were built loaded to the max! My Dad’s car included back paint, black vinyl roof and a black leather interior. Of course, the opera windows were “standard” but it didn’t matter, all cars came with a set and they made the car really stand out.

Naturally, our car had the rear ABS brakes! In fact, it was an option of about $900 dollars (expensive) and the system was in its infancy in those days. I must say, they work and the system still works today.

Features included power seats, AM/FM/8 track radio, power windows and all the rest. However, I do appreciate Michelin radials, but the rest of it – well, the car does leave much to be desired. Looking out the front window, you lee this massive hood and when you turn left or right, you think the car is ready to tip over! Yes, it has the Ford 460 c.i. engine, but with single exhausts, it sounds as though the pipes are stuffed with something that is stopping its breath.

I always thought about putting dual exhausts on it (they were optional), putting a timing chain that is advanced (for the timing) and a Holley 4-barrel carburetor. I have already installed the Holley, but after many, many years, I just don’t feel up to it. It’s Dad’s car and even though he is not around anymore, his car is still waiting for him. It only has 54K miles and the interior looks, and smells new – although the body could use some attention.]

I’ll get around it, really I will.

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