Nov 23, 2011
Peter C Sessler
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A Look Back At The 1968 Dodge Charger


The 1968 Dodge Charger featured a complete restyle, in and out, from the previous 1967 model to what is generally considered to be the best looking Chrysler product of the 1960s. Showing no resemblance to any other Dodge, the Charger underneath the beautiful body was pure “B” body. The Charger, because of the new styling, proved to be a sales success as well. Unlike today, Chrysler could only keep the initial body for another two years- and then it had to be restyled. The current Dodge Charger, and all of its derivatives, has been in production for 7 years.

Two models were available, the Charger and the performance oriented Charger R/T.

Standard engine was the 318 c.i. engine with a two barrel carburetor. Optional were 383 c.i. engines, in two or four barrel form.

More interesting is the Charger R/T. Standard engine was the 440 c.i. 375hp engine with the 426 Hemi optional. Like the Coronet R/T, the standard transmission was the three speed Torqueflite automatic. In fact, the Charger R/T shared the same suspension and driveline components as the Coronet R/T.

R/T identification included R/T 2 medallions on the front grille and on the rear tail light panel. The R/T came with Bumblebee stripes, which were a delete able option.

All Chargers came with bucket seats, concealed headlights, and quick-fill gas cap.

The Performance Axle Package(code 358) consisted of the following: 3.55 axle ratio, Sure Grip Differential, High capacity radiator and 7-blade slip drive fan w/shroud.

Late in the model year, the 225 c.i. six cylinder engine became a no cost-option on the Charger.

Production figures indicate that a total of 19,012 383 c.i. powered Chargers were built. 440 c.i. production totaled 17,107 while 475 Charger R/Ts came with the Stage II 426 c.i. Hemi engine, broken down as follows: The stage II engine came with a more aggressive mechanical lifter camshaft.

After 06/01/68, all Charger R/T models ordered with the Hemi engine and four-speed combination were built with exposed headlights, flush grille, and chrome windshield reveal molding.

Of the 475 Hemi equipped cars, 264 were equipped with the Torqueflite automatic transmission, while 211 were four-speeds.

1968 Dodge Charger R/T
Engine: 425hp 426 c.i. V-8
Transmission: Three Speed Automatic
Axle ratio: 3.23:1
Weight 4,346 lbs.
Acceleration Sec.
0-60 mph 4.8
Standing 1/4 mi. 13.5@105 mph
Top Speed 156 mph
Source: Car & Driver 11/67

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