Mar 17, 2014
Gary P. Garry
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Dodge Challenger: You Just Know

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When I was a kid I asked my mother how you recognize the girl that you should marry. She said quite simply, “You just know.”

Granted, the stakes may not be as high, but a similar dynamic exists when it comes to buying a new car. You might as well hang on to your old car until you find something that really blows you away. 

I recently made my last payment on my Nissan Sentra, and I’m sitting here free and clear. That’s a good feeling because it only has 69,000 miles on it. But…I think I have fallen in love, and her name is Dodge Challenger.

They say that beauty is in the eye the beholder. To me, the new Dodge Challenger is the absolute quintessence of automotive beauty. It has that classic appearance, sleek instead of bloated, with the old-school grill and understated cool factor.

The Challenger name was first used back in 1959 when Dodge introduced the limited edition Silver Challenger. That was a one year and out deal, but the Challenger returned for the 1970 model year as a response to the pony car craze that was ignited by the mad popularity of the Mustang. That first generation stuck around through 1974. There was a second generation that was introduced in 1978, and these cars were produced through the 1983 model year.

After a couple of decades of dormancy Dodge unveiled the new Challenger the Detroit Motor Show in 2006. Production resumed in 2007, and the Challenger was back in earnest for the 2008 model year.

You have a lot of options if you’re interested in buying a new 2014 Dodge Challenger. There are nine different models to choose from this year, including two 100th Anniversary Special Editions and the Special Edition Shaker and its Hemi V8.

Sometimes you see a car that catches your eye, but you look at the nameplate and you know right away that you simply can’t afford it. That’s not the case with the Dodge Challenger. At the lowest end you have the SXT Coupe, which comes equipped with a 3.6 liter, 305 horsepower engine. It gets 18 miles per gallon in the city and 27 on the open road, and it carries a base price of just $26,295.

At the top of the line there’s the SRT8 392 Coupe, with a 6.4 Liter, 470 horsepower Hemi V-8. That one comes with a price tag of $44,685.

The Dodge Challenger is beautiful, it’s modern, it’s classic, and it’s affordable. That’s an automotive superfecta that is undeniably alluring.

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