Jul 2, 2012
Chris Salamone
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Fast N’ Loud Marathon On Independence Day

Wheeler Dealers meets the Icon brand Derelict theme, that’s the best way to sum up Discovery’s new Fast N’ Loud series. Since June 6, Discovery has aired the show every Wednesday night at 10PM and so far it has collected quite a following.

But in case you’ve missed an episode (of the four currently released), a series marathon will play on our nation’s most glorious holiday: Independence Day. Starting at 7 PM and continuing until the most recent episode airs at 10 PM, Fast N’ Loud will be one of the only shows on television to play all of its content on a holiday typically associated with backyard BBQs and cold beverages.

Fortunately, those two things pair perfectly with the Gas Monkey Garage’s quirky take on automotive restoration.

Like Wheeler Dealers, the crew has a mastermind mechanic (Aaron Kaufmann) and consummate businessman (Richard Rawlings). But instead of a cheeky British production, Fast N’ Loud is a distinctly American operation – filming the search for rust buckets and garage finds in the hopes of producing gems from unrefined ore.

And Richard and Aaron have made some pretty remarkable vehicles. The series premier kicked off with a rust-free 1931 Model A, “Drive Angry” Riviera and Chevy 210. Other projects have included a 1955 Chevy Bel Air, 1932 Pontiac, and – everyone’s favorite – 1950 Olds Coupe Rocket 88.

If 7 to 11 PM is too early for your July 4 festivities and DVR (or some such record device) is not an option, fear not. Almost the entire season will re-air immediately following the most recent episode. That’s right, Discovery will be playing Fast N’ Loud from 7 PM until 3 AM the following morning.

Of course, the show also finds some way of incorporating local traditions and characters into the main concept of finding and restoring debauched vintage road kings. “(T)here’s always some fun time worked into their crazy schedules, and no matter how nuts their day gets, you can bet you’ll see some donuts in the driveway or a test drive of a great car.”

Which is really why any of us watch a show about cars we’d dream of owning – to imagine the feel of the steering wheel, roar of the engine, and smell of burning rubber. Except with Fast N’ Loud we aren’t talking about your average dealership’s mass production vehicles.

Just like the characters themselves, these vehicles, when completed, are one-off diamonds in the rough.

For more, check out the Premiere episode spot:

Source : Discovery

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