Dec 22, 2011
Dave Walter
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Inside Line’s Worst 100 Cars of All Time

Edmund’s Inside Line compiled a list of what they believe are the worst 100 cars of all time. The list features many old and newer cars that you’d probably expect to find (i.e. Yugo, Reliant Robin, AMC Pacer, Pontiac Aztec), but there are a few classics you may be surprised to see.

Of course they have their reasons for putting them on the list, but I was pretty shocked to find the gorgeous 1953 Corvette at number 70. Sure, it only had a 155-hp six cylinder with a two-speed automatic, but when a restored ’53 catches my eye, the last thing I think to myself is “there goes one of the worst cars of all time.”

Check out the list here and tell us what you think.

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