Mar 30, 2012
Chris Salamone
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Nullarbor Short Film Goes Semi-Viral

If ‘Viral’ means seen and shared by millions of people, then the Nullarbor short film hardly counts as such. Instead, Nullarbor is simmering somewhere near a slow boil, popping up all over the internet with a modest but dedicated following. Which should come as no surprise, this is a film which adventure fans and auto junkies will enjoy while everyone else will be twiddling their thumbs and whistling Dixie…er, or some Australian equivalent.

Directed by Alister Lockhart and produced by the equally unknown Lampshade Collective, Nullarbor is a true up-and-comer in the short film biz. But that doesn’t really matter. One look at the 10 minute sample clip on YouTube and viewers will be hooked.

After all, who could possibly resist a throwback road trip clip on Australia’s most dangerous inland, seabed desert: the Nullarbor.

To Australians, ‘Crossing the Nullarbor Plain’ is considered to be a feat of superhuman diligence and perseverance – especially before the pavement boom of the 1950s. In those days, drivers or horse and mule pack teams led by Aboriginal men journeyed the vast desert at their own peril. Stretching from South Australia to Western Australia, the Nullarbor incorporates an area of almost 77,000 square miles and 684 miles at its greatest width. It is the embodiment of what Australians identify as the Outback.

In typical Aussie spirit, Nullarbor (the film) picks up on the plain’s cultural significance and throws in a series of humorous tragedies that befall the main character during his pursuit for a nicotine fix. And if you’re wondering how this could possibly tie into classic cars, check out the below clip. Nothing conjures positive images of classic car ownership better than a digital trip on a road of roads.

And if there’s anything we learned from SEMA, it’s that derelict cars are back in style!

A quick peak on the video’s website and you’ll find more indie movie festival awards than you knew existed. Should the 10 minute YouTube clip only fuel your fire for Outback shenanigans, fear not. Nullarbor will be playing in theatres and festivals worldwide for months to come.

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