Jan 23, 2012
Dave Walter
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Rare, European “Barn Finds” Found in South Central LA

More than a few extremely rare and sought-after vintage European cars were recently discovered in a salvage yard in South Central, Los Angeles stacked in piles, left to rust away.

There, at Porche Foreign Auto, Michael Mraz (a writer for Town & Country magazine) noticed…

…a pair of one-off prewar Maybachs; one of two Iso Grifo Spyders (designed and engineered by Giotto Bizzarrini, who also has the Ferrari 250 GTO on his résumé); one of 29 alloy-bodied Mercedes Gullwings…; a couple of BMW 502s and 507s; a half-dozen or so Lamborghini Miuras, with their mighty V12 engines; and the last surviving example of the seven Horch 855 Spezial Roadsters ever built, a specimen once owned by Eva Braun that was for a time on loan to the Audi Museum in Germany. (Audi was founded by August Horch.) Parked one on top of the other are dozens upon dozens of Porsche Carrera carcasses….

If that weren’t enough to break your heart, Mraz also spotted a one-of-a-kind 1935 Mercedes-Benz Caracciola 500K (built specifically for Silver Arrows race driver Rudolph Caraccioloa). To help put it’s rarity into perspective, the 500K is said to possibly be worth more than the 1937 540K Spezial Roadster that was sold for almost $10 million last year at RM Auctions at Pebble.

Whether the 500K and the others will ever be rescued is unknown, but Porche Foreign Auto isn’t currently allowing any gawkers in to see them.

Source : Town & Country via Autoblog

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