Dec 14, 2011
Chris Salamone
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Sunray Bugs Seeks Beetle Salvation

Save the manatee! Er…crocodile? Wait…what else could possibly need saving? Save the bugs! Florida, a state famous for lost environmental causes, has turned up another last ditch opportunity for activists to be involved – this time featuring the one, and only, Volkswagen Beetle.

In Dade City, a VW specialist shop called Sunray Bugs will be facing the chopping block on Friday, December 16 for failures to operate up to code. Which means, in turn, that auto enthusiasts have until Friday to pick through and save the last of 800 VW project and parts cars in the name of automotive justice.

Otherwise every last Sunray Bugs time machine will be seized and crushed by the county.

The good folks at recently spoke with a friend of the owner, who noted: “If we don’t remove them, then [the county] will, at their profit.” While many of Sunray’s autos are donor or parts cars, some are still within the reach of restoration. The lot includes a Type 34 “razor” Karmann Ghia, some oval-window sedans, and many other German-made phenoms.

Check out the company’s photo album for more detailed examples.

If you’re serious about saving the bugs (et al.), feel free to contact Sunray at 352/521-5660. About half of the lot’s 800 cars have already been seized and crushed, so try not to cry too much when you realize the county is profiting more from destruction rather than the preservation or restoration of rusty classics.

Not sold yet? Check out the below video featuring the shop’s charismatic owner, Corky Yeager, and ask yourself one question. What’s more important, supporting Pasco county code enforcement or saving what remains of a simpler, bygone era – a time when glory was measured in the number of times you listed to Billy Joel’s Just the Way You Are?

Photo Credit: Lauren Bailey (Check out more of her photos from Sunray Bugs here!)

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