Oct 6, 2015
Gary P. Garry
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Thunderbird May Be Well Worth the Investment


I’ve been writing about cars for about eight years now, and, during that time, I have done a great deal of research. Over the years, I have been mind-blown by some of the opportunities that I missed when I was younger, because some cars that were once affordable are now worth a small fortune as so-called “classics”.

You always dream of being on the cutting edge when it comes to investing in something that will one day yield a huge return. The trick is, it’s hard to identify these opportunities when they are presented, because you don’t know what the future holds.

With this in mind, we are going to take a little walk down memory lane. When I was a wee lad, the Ford Thunderbird was a car that definitely got my attention. The look of the car was sleek and unique, and, let’s face it, the name “Thunderbird” is attention-getting in and of itself.

The Thunderbird was first introduced for the 1955 model year, and, at that time, it was offered as a very sporty early incarnation of the class that went on to be called the personal luxury car. It came as a two-seat rag top, and it was powered by a 292 cubic inch V8.

As far as popularity was concerned, the car exceeded the company’s expectations with regard to first-year sales. In all, there were 16,155 specimens sold during that initial model year.

Ford kept the car in production continually through the1997 model year, and there were 10 different identifiable generations during those 40-plus years. It looked like 1997 would be the end of the road for the iconic vehicle, but, in fact, the company brought the Thunderbird back for the 2002 model year.

Sales were not very good the second time around, and many people blame the company itself for a lack of marketing. I actually saw one of these cars recently, and it was a real head turner. There was a 3.9-liter V8 that was designed by Jaguar under the hood, and it produced 280 horses.

Production of the Thunderbird lasted through the 2005 model year. At the present time, people in the know are suggesting that these cars could become quite collectible. There were relatively few of them manufactured, it is a very cool-looking car, and there is that alluring Thunderbird name.

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