Feb 8, 2012
Chris Salamone
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Uh Ohs and Classic Parts Sourcing

You made it! You survived a 200 foot fall over the edge of a backcountry road, despite a sheer cliff face and pointy boulders. After trying to divine a method of self-rescue, the next question that pops up into your mind goes something like this: “how the heck am I going to fix my beaten and bloody Ford Bronco?” For many enthusiasts, restoration is perhaps the most frustrating, and somehow satisfying, part of classic car ownership. And worst of all, parts do not come easily. The mere fact that most classic cars are no longer manufactured makes restoration a difficult prospect. Then add the loads of other enthusiasts which are attempting to find the same parts, and your goal of a complete restoration looks even less likely.

Fortunately, companies like National Parts Depot are committed to overcome the ‘parts hurdle’ of vintage car healthcare. In a recently released commercial, the company makes a clear statement: if you’re looking for American classic car parts, NPD offers quick shipping and low prices.

With four nationwide, fully stocked warehouses, NPD strives to be the industry leader of concours-correct parts and accessories for a few specific model types: Thunderbird, Mustang, Camaro, Chevelle, Firebird, Trans Am, El Camino and Ford Truck. Back in November, NPD dropped a bombshell of a mission statement through social media: “Our mission is to continue serving the hobby with zero compromise. NPD places honesty, customer satisfaction, and in stock inventory at the top of our priority list. NPD leads the industry with a 98% order fill rate. NPD will continue to provide the best available, with absolutely NO drop-shipping.”

National Parts Depot was also awarded the “2009 Business of the Year” award by Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO). So, we’re talking about a company which is both dedicated and recognized as a good source for vintage car parts. Aside from buying an unsalvageable parts car, or scouring the local junk yard, the best way to find deceased model parts is to source them cheaply and quickly through mail-order warehouse companies. Sure, the junk yard is probably cheapest option – but you have to (a) know what you’re looking for and (b) have the skills/time to remove and install it. NPD is perhaps the best known purveyor of American muscle parts, and an excellent option for those of us wanting to get back on that mountain pass and teach that ‘road’ a lesson about resilience.

Catching restoration fever? Hit the video below for the gory details.

Source : National Parts Depot

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